Random WOW: ' Most Worthless World Record Collection '

Worst Film

Look at twenty-four pictures in one second, and what have you got?

You've got a broken neck.
But you've also got a free film!

An American named Fred Odeon realised this in 1921, and he went on to open one of the first cinemas in Hollywood, which was later demolished and turned into a shop that sells bras.

One of the first films simply showed a train arriving at a station. However, it was such a revolution, many people thought a real train was coming towards them, and then believed they had been run over, and then they died.

But that's not the worst film.

No, critics agree that the worst film ever made is 'Laurel and Hardy'.

It was released in 1935 and centred on the adventures of two men: a fat one and a thin one.
Which one is which is a mystery lost to time.

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