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Best Hat

How many hats do you own?

On average, people tend to own two hats: a baseball hat, and one of those useless little umbrella hats.

But have you ever wondered who invented hats, and why? Well read on and learn, you dullard!

Hats were invented by a people known as the Vikings. The Vikings loved to invade countries and kill everyone (not including themselves).
What did they wear during these adventures? Of course, it was a massive suit of armour!

But as any massive suit of armour owner will tell you, the worst thing about a massive suit of armour is the helmet. Without some kind of padding, wearing a helmet is extremely dangerous for your brain.

The Vikings soon realised this... and so the hat was born!

Today, the best hat is the 'top hat', a type of baseball hat that very posh computer generated people wear whilst falling overboard in the film 'Titanic'.

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