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Largest Custard Pie Fight

If you have a large red nose, enormous shoes, and drive a tiny little car, you're either a clown, or you're some kind of deformed oddity.

In either case, you've probably heard of custard pies.

Clowns are famous for using these egg-based snacks as projectiles. An experienced clown can propel a pie through the air with the same force that a Harrier Jump Jet exerts on the ground during take off.
Indeed, a top scientist has suggested that clown powered flight might be the future of space travel.

A rocket ship travelling to Mars would use an estimated two-hundred million custard pies - almost a billion eggs would be required!

But until this technology is perfected, the largest custard pie fight represents the greatest use of custard - almost two gallons of the stuff!

The fight occured in Canada, in 1982.

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