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Least Likely Alien

If science fiction is to be believed, outer space is teeming with aliens, all with crinkled foreheads, or massive ears, or a funny mouth, or giant eyes, or a dangling nose... generally, extra-terrestrial life can be summed up as ugly.

I've never met an alien - neither have you, and neither has anyone of any significance. But that doesn't mean they don't exist! Or maybe it does. I can't remember.

Of course, you can't mix up television life and real life. If you did that, you would be a nut. Television and real life are different.

But what if television was the same as real life... what TV alien would be the least likely alien to exist?

Of course, it's Sny Snootles from Star Wars. He's a big, obese blue elephant trapped in a circular keyboard. His fingers are so fat, all he can do is mash the keys.

Sny Snootles = Unlikely indeed!

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