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Oldest Chef

Have you ever wondered exactly how people become chefs? What is the process that one must undergo in order to be awarded the title?
The process is this process: no process.

Yes, you don't actually have to do anything at all to call yourself a chef. You don't even have to have ever touched, or eaten, a piece of food!

However, should you wish to pursue a career in the catering industry, it may be a good idea to at least become familiar with popular kitchen equipment, such as food and ingredients and a blender.
Imagine the embarrassment that might be caused if you confused those items: it would be ha-ha-argh (funny and a disaster)!

One person unlikely to make such a mix-up is the oldest chef in the world: Anthony Worrel-Thompson!

Worrel-Thompson is a cross between a goblin and a hobbit: a gobbit.
He was discovered under a glacier in the mid 1920s, making him an estimated 15 years older than Cilla Black!


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