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Oldest Cow

'How now, brown cow?'

This is what foreign types practice saying when they learn English. The more times they say it, the better they get! Learning languages is amazing!

But while they might be able to say it, many foreigners have no idea what a cow actually is. They think a cow is a kind of lion! HA HA HA HA! What a load of idiots!

Who is to blame for this lack of common bovine knowledge? Whoever invented 'foot and mouth disease', that's who!

Foot and mouth disease, you see, has killed off every cow in the world, apart from the ones in the land of England!

And why is that? Why have the moo-sters from Blighty been spared mouldy feet and mouths? I'll tell you why - because they're so OLD!

So... if age defeats disease... that would make the most disease resistant cow... the same as the oldest cow!

And, of course, the oldest cow is that cow I saw in a field a few weeks ago. You remember? That really old one.

I pointed at it and said it was really old.

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