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Inspector Gadget's Best Gadget

Inspector Gadget is an American policeman who solves crime using the power of ineptitude, a model that the British police force have succesfully adopted on many occasions.

However, unlike many normal policemen, Inspector Gadget is not a normal policeman! He is some kind of robot cyborg!
Hidden inside his body are many gadgets that serve to assist him in his duties.

From roller-skates in his feet, an inflatable jacket, rotor blades in his hat... if there's a situation that demands a gadget-related deus-ex-machina, the good Inspector is bound to be useful.

But what is his best gadget? That's a good question, isn't it? Is the answer as good as the question?

Of course it isn't. But here's the answer anyway:
Inspector Gadget's best gadget is his life. Because, truly, isn't life the best gadget? Hmmmm? Isn't it? Hmmmmmmm?


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