Random WOW: ' Biggest Puncture '

Most Phone Books Torn in One Minute

When Alexander Graham Bell tied a string to a tin can, and shouted into it, little did he think that he had invented the telephone. This is because he was trying to invent the bell, and was shouting because he had just been stung by a wasp.

Yes, the telephone. The telephone is an amazing thing. There are more telephones in the world than there are people - that's just one of the amazing telephone facts you can learn if you visit the telephone museum.

Another amazing fact is that it costs 5.20 to get into the telephone museum. What an amazing waste of money!

Telephones aren't easy to use, though. In order to 'call' another telephone owner, you need to know their telephone number.

To find the number out, you need to use... a phone book! And by 'use', I mean 'open up and read', not 'tear in half'!

If you thought I meant 'tear in half', you must be crazy. Who'd want to tear a phone book in half?

No-one, that's who. And that's exactly who holds the WOW for the most phone books torn in one minute - no-one.

Because the most phone books torn in one minute is one hundred and ninety-five, a feat accomplished by a giant machine built expressly for the purpose of destroying phone books.

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