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Largest Pillow Fight

Fight Club is a movie about a guy who has a fight. I'm not sure exactly what happens, but I'm sure there's a fight in there somewhere.

And a club.

Because if I went to see a movie called 'Fight Club' and found that it featured neither fights nor clubs, I would quite literally ask for my money back.

Generally, fights aren't good. A man once got into a fight and later died! This was due to the equipment used in the fight - a live tiger.

A pillow is a much safer piece of equipment to use in a fight. And when you use a pillow to have a fight, then you are having a pillow fight.

But how do you classify what a pillow fight actually is?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a pillow fight as 'a collision between human appendage and pillow'.

And this changes everything! This definition means that the largest pillow fight is much larger than any pillow fight ever recorded:

The largest pillow fight occurs every night, when millions of people go to sleep, their heads hitting their pillows... you see!? Heads hitting pillows!

The very definition of a pillow fight!


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