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Fattest Pet

There's an old myth that alledges pet owners sometimes look like the pets that they own.

For example, someone with a face like a mouse might own a pet mouse. And someone with no arms or legs might own a snake.

Or it might not be true at all. I don't know, I'm not a doctor.

But here's something that's not in doubt - that you can MAKE your pet look like you - if you're fat.

Yes, just feed your pets all kinds of rubbish, and they too will become bloated and wobbly. Fat pets are hilarious. Of that, there's no doubt.

Pets also love being fat. It keeps them warm, and they can run into objects without getting hurt.

But there is a serious side to pet fatness. Fatness can make your pet ill. One fat dog once got a cough.

The fattest pet is a cat called Pattie. She later died.

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