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Highest Scoring Soccer Match

Some people are on the pitch!
They think it's all over... it is now!

How right Kenneth Wolstenholme really was. It really is now all over. In fact, the 1966 World Cup final has now been all over for more than fifty years.

But quite unlike England, many countries look down their noses at soccer or football. In the land known as America, many people haven't even heard of soccer or football! I once tried to engage an American in conversation on the subject - he showed no interest, asking instead if I wanted 'fries' with my Big Mac.
Of course, I did want fries.

A common excuse for soccer-ignorance is the claim that the game is slow, and not enough goals are scored.

Clement Telsdale would get quite angry if you told him that! Because he was the referee at the highest scoring soccer match, a game between Manchester City and Norwich City in 1924!

The score was so high, calculators of the day didn't have enough memory to store it, so it was lost into the mists of time!

Or it was just nil-nil. The records aren't clear.

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