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Most World Record Filled Town

There are many potential world records out there. Indeed, for virtually every human being, there is a potential world record waiting to be discovered - on a daily basis!

The human brain is amazingly complicated - scientists believe that it has the capacity to generate a world record every day, if treated correctly.

Records, you see, are emitted from the brain in the form of thoughts, and it is up to the human consciousness to decide whether or not to act on them.

Most decide not to, and instead get a job.

But some listen to that voice, and shun the world of employment!

Smelliest, rudest, foulest, ugliest, stupidest... there simply aren't enough superlatives to describe my experience of meeting the general population of Chatham. A book of world records could be dedicated purely to Chatham!
But it won't, because everyone hates Chatham.

The most world record filled town is Darwin, Australia. There are at least 12 records in Darwin!

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