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Most Extinct Creature

Everyone knows what a Dodo is. Or what it was.
It exists no longer, due to every Dodo in the world having died.

What was the reason behind its disappearance?

A scientist once told me that Dodos were very stupid and fat, and stunk.

Whatever the reason, the total disappearance of the Dodo means that it is extinct. And sadly, many other animals are due to become extinct in the next few years. Monkeys, fish and even birds are all due to die.

Amazingly, wasps are not due to become extinct any time soon: where's the justice?

Anyway, what is the most extinct creature?

Of course, the answer is clear. It's the creature that has been extinct the longest, and therefore that which is least likely to be re-created through the magic of cloning.

The most extinct creature is Adam and Eve, who were the first creatures ever made!

Oh yeah, and that snake was there too.

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