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Least Effective Medical Treatment

Impersonating a police officer is a crime.
Saying "Allo, Allo" is impersonating a police officer.
By this logic, it is my belief that everyone involved in the production of 'Allo Allo' should be arrested immediately.

Unfortunately, logic doesn't apply to the law. You could say that the law was 'Un-Spock-Like'.
But don't say that, because that is a really stupid thing to say.

Apart from the police, do you know what other profession it is illegal to impersonate? Medicine.
It is illegal to pretend to be a doctor, is what I mean.

But that didn't stop one female from administering the least effective medical treatment - on diagnosing severe head trauma, she decided to treat it with vinegar and brown paper! Needless to say, the patient went into a coma - his brain was allergic to vinegar!

Of course, I'm talking about the events of the nursery rhyme 'Jack and Jill'.
Don't complain: every nursery rhyme is based on real events, and thus, the WOW is valid!

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