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Deepest Cave

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a cave as a hole with a massive roof, and they should know: for the OED headquarters is actually built in a cave!
It's exactly like that temple at the end of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - to get in, you have to pass three mysterious and deadly trials, and if you try to sneak out carrying the Holy Grail (a dictionary), the whole place collapses, and you destroy the English Language!

But don't imagine that it's the only cave in the world. That would be a ridiculous thing to imagine, you idiot!

There are loads of caves in the world. There may even be a cave underneath you right now - why not do some exploring? But before you do, remember to announce loudly 'I'm going exploring' to everyone in the office, in case you get trapped under a rock.

The deepest cave is known as the Devil's Gullet, and is in Australia. It's almost fifty metres deep! You wouldn't want to fall down that - you would be killed!


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