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Smallest Frog

Paul McCartney was a musician who first became famous as a member of the Beatles, along with his friends John, Paul, John, George and Ringo. They were extremely successful.
However, in 1980 the band split up and each went their separate way.

George became a bee-keeper, Ringo opened an amusement arcade and John got killed.

McCartney decided to keep making songs: his first solo creation was a bizarre theme for rubbish comic book character Rupert the Bear's animated feature film. The song was known as The Frog Chorus.

What made McCartney agree to write a song for such uselessness?
Frogs, of course!

Yes, frogs are Paul McCartney's favourite creatures.
His luxury mansion in London is filled with more than 20,000 different frog species, each of which he baptises 'Keith' after his favourite actress, Penelope Keith.

But despite his enormous collection, there is one variety of frog that eludes McCartney: the smallest frog in the world.

It was discovered in 2002 in the jungles of Peru.

It lives on a leaf, which it believes is the entire World.

It believes that our World is deep space.

And it believes that we are Gods.

It has never heard of Paul McCartney.

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