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Most Complicated Transformer

The Transformers are a group of robots who crash landed on Earth, and they all can turn into cars for some reason. Good ones are called Autobots, and bad ones are called Decepticons, and the two gangs are always fighting.

But don't worry. I'm not describing real life! I'm describing the cartoon known as Transformers. It is also a film!

But as well as a cartoon and a film, there are also many toys of the various Transformers available. And thanks to the power of the imagination, they are able to transform!

Some transform very easily. 'Bumblebee' can be turned into a brick simply by snapping off his arms and legs!

But some transformations are very difficult. To turn 'Optimus Prime' into a gun, you have to saw him into various shapes and then glue those shapes back together!

That's nothing compared to the King of the Transformers, 'Unicron' - the most complicated Transformer.
To transform him into a tape player, you have to explode him into thousands of plastic shards, which you then must sift through, selecting pieces of the correct colour and discarding the rest. You then melt down the remaining pieces, pouring the molten plastic into a set of silicone molds that you have to design and cast yourself!

As of yet, no-one has managed to complete the transformation.

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