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Shortest Lasting Breakfast Cereal

The first meal of the day is known as breakfast. Why is known as breakfast? Simply because our distant ancestors, the Romans, loved making up stupid words.

There are many types of food that can be legally consumed for breakfast. You could eat a sausage. You could eat some scrambled egg. You could even eat a pancake!
One of the most popular breakfast foods is cereal. Simply by adding milk to a food, it becomes classed as a cereal. Fact.

Some popular cereals you may have heard of include Corn Flakes (flakes of corn), Frosties (flakes of sugar), and Special K (flakes of awful).

But have you ever heard of Colfborn (golfball sized corn balls), Honey n' Frost (Honey coated sugar) or Choc-Black (chocolate-covered liquorice)? I would be surprised if you had!

They are all examples of cereals that were introduced, but that were such spectacular failures that they lasted just weeks before being pulled by the manufacturers.

All, however, lasted longer than the shortest lasting breakfast cereal, which lasted just three days: Banana Cogs!

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