Random WOW: ' Largest Easter Egg '

Longest Stairway

Have you ever had a really good look at a set of stairs? If so, why?

Stairs are basically made out of blocks, which increase in height as the stairway progresses. In Roman times, (which is when stairs were invented) the blocks were hand-carved from limestone. Today, robots make them from all kinds of materials - concrete, glass, straw... all kinds!

But the longest stairway is not made from any of those. It's made from Shatter-Proof plastic!

Yes, you've guessed it!
The longest stairway is a shatter-proof plastic school ruler.

But wait, you say: a shatter-proof plastic school ruler is 30cm long. That isn't long at all.

Well, to a human (you), 30cm may not seem very long.
But to the common garden woodlouse (not you), it is a distance of several miles - making it the longest stairway!


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