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Oldest Sport

Did you know that golf was invented by King Henry VIII? Yes, it was. He had dropped a boiled egg, and was trying to pick it up with his walking stick, but he accidentally knocked it into a nearby hole!
When he asked his butler what had happened to the egg, the butler said "Golf, sire". Of course, he was trying to say 'Gone', but had bitten his tongue in the night, whilst having a violent nightmare about a man-eating horse.

So that's golf for you. It's pretty old. But compared to the oldest sport, it's a newborn baby!

The oldest sport is the sport of basketball, created in 1 million BC. Of course, the sport has changed a lot since then - where we now use a ball, players then used a wild dog. And there were no hoops. And it wasn't called basketball; it wasn't called anything.

It was just what they did back then.

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