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Fastest Theme Park Ride

Ask anyone what the fastest ride in a theme park is: they will cry 'roller coasters'!
If only people were more specific. There are roller coasters all over the world - why, even I own several, except they are all top secret so don't ever ask to ride on them, or even look at them!

Actually, don't ever even ask me about them.

Top secret!

Anyway, the roller coasters are traditionally thought to be the fastest rides in a theme park. But this tradition of thinking is incorrect.

Ben Martinson would tell you that if he could... but he's dead!

For it was in 1992, during an innocent donkey ride at a popular cliff-side theme park, that the aforementioned donkey got a shock (wasp ear), and decided to leap right over the edge of the aforementioned cliff, with the aforementioned Ben Martinson on top!

Thus, Ben Martinson briefly experienced the fastest theme park ride, and everyone immediately forgot about that time the kid got his ear pulled off at Thorpe Park.

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