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Highest Waterfall Barrel Stunt

'Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink'.

That's a famous song by the Beatles. It was written by George Harrison, when he was really thirsty.

If only George had been in Niagra, USA! Because that's where all of the Earth's water is created!

It all started decades ago, when water started coming out of a hole. It kept on coming, and it didn't stop coming!
Ten minutes later, there was a massive waterfall - locals called it Niagra Falls.

Ever since, people have been going over the falls in barrels, for a laugh. One of these people was an ex-clown called Pierre Le-Beowolf.

And it is Mr Le-Beowolf who holds the WOW for the highest waterfall barrel stunt:

It was the morning of July 3rd. Pierre packed himself into a barrel made of carbon fibre and plywood. Ten minutes later, he was going over Niagra Falls - a height of 105 metres!

And then, he was dead.


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