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Batman's Worst Enemy

Batman is the secret surname of millionaire Bruce Wayne, who lives in the town of Gotham, in America.

When Bruce was very young, he witnessed his parents being killed by a vicious vampire bat. Moments later, he turned into Batman!

That's the true story of Batman, a fictional comic hero. He was created in 1950, and ever since then, people have liked him somewhat. There have even been some films made, although they are mostly rubbish.

But enough about Batman. Let's talk about his enemies. For as the old saying goes, enemies maketh the Batman.

Batman's enemies include: The Riddler, The Joker, The Two-Face, The Scarecrow, The Poison Ivy, The Penguin, The Mr Freeze and of course, The Scarecrow. They all hate Batman for unknown reasons.

But who is Batman's worst enemy?

The answer is The Gentleman Ghost, of course.
Begone, The Gentleman Ghost - thou art utterly rubbish!

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