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Least Accurate Clock

Do you know how to tell the time, using a clock?

Of course you do! Only babies don't know how to tell the time, since babies have no comprehension of time.

Being able to tell the time is a very imporant skill. Without it, you wouldn't know how long you have until your favourite TV program starts. You'd have to leave the TV turned on all day - and that would be a waste of electrics, so don't do that.

But what if you knew how to tell the time, and you owned a clock... but your clock wasn't very accurate? What if your clock was the least accurate clock in the world? Do you know what that would be like?

If your name is Brian Law, you would know. Because Brian Law owns that particular clock!

The least accurate clock hangs on Brian's farm, in Cornwall. He built it himself, and unsurprisingly, it doesn't work. It doesn't even have any hands (they were stolen by a group of renegade crows).

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