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Most Dangerous Computer Virus

If you own a computer, and you use it to 'surf' the Internet, you are likely to have caught a virus.
A virus is a program written by a 'hacker' in order to steal your computer's mind. Viruses are illegal in all countries, except Europe.

There are many different kinds of viruses, and each acts in a different way. Some make a funny sound. Some eat your files. Some even break things!

The most dangerous virus is a virus called Bogrot1986. Bogrot1986 gets in through the CD drive, and then it starts to eat your memory chips. It also builds a house in your files.
If your computer smells of burning plastic, and makes a grumbling sound when you shake it, it probably has Bogrot1986 stuck in it!

To get rid of all viruses, you have to spray the motherboard with cat piss and then throw it out of the window. The air will literally blow the virus away!
Just be sure to have a friend catch the motherboard before it hits the ground, or damage may occur, of the crashing type.

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