Random WOW: ' Best Theory '

Fewest Taste Buds

Every living creature has taste buds, apart from trees. Trees will eat any old rubbish.

If you ask a scientist what a taste bud is, and how it works, he will tell you this: 'Taste buds are like tiny little suckers that suck taste out of objects and send the taste to the brain. The brain then decides whether the taste is nice or nasty, based on a complicated equation'.

Different species have different amounts of taste buds. For example, you have 50 taste buds, while I have 60!

There are both advantages, and disadvantages to having lots of taste buds: On the upside, the more taste buds you have, the better a nice thing, like a cake, tastes. However, being forced to eat something nasty, like a slug, would be awful, and having no taste buds would be much better.

So, which creature has the fewest taste buds, that is the question. The answer?
It's a white blood cell.
I mean, a white blood cell eats germs for a living! That's proof right there.

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