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Highest Darts Score

Have you ever played the children's party game 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey'?
The game involves a blindfolded participant attempting to 'pin' a 'tail' onto a 'donkey'. The closer the tail to the 'tail hole' the more points are awarded.

Now, imagine that instead of a donkey, there is a round target board. Instead of a pin, there is a dart. And, instead of a blindfold over your eyes, there is the mist of drunkenness. You have just imagined the game of darts!

What is the highest score in the game of darts?

Well, because the aim of darts is to reduce your score to 0, the highest score possible is 501.
This score can be achieved if none of your darts ever hit the board, and you just walk off.

I've achieved it many times!

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