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Funniest Event

Documents held in the National Archives show that the laugh is decades old.

Humour historians believe that laughing evolved from the custom to repeatedly shout 'whore!', at unfavourable females. For some reason, the sound soon became associated with amusement, and then it turned into 'ha', and then it was laughter, and that's evolution!

Do you think that the humans are the only species on the planet to laugh?
Well, they are, so you are correct, because no other creatures laugh. Not even monkeys.

Humans have been laughing for well over 100 years. But even if you were to add up all the laughs ever laughed in the history of laughing, that quantity of laughter would not match the number of laughs laughed when the funniest event occured.

It was when 'Del Boy Trotter' fell over in an episode of 'Only Fools and Horses', an old British television series.

It was really funny.

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