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Worst Mascot

Every sporting team needs to have a mascot. That's the law! It doesn't matter if it's an animal, or an inanimate object - it could even be a kind of liquid! Just make sure, if you start a team, that you have a mascot. Because otherwise you will be arrested and sentenced to death.

Here are some examples of mascots:
Tony the Tiger. Herbie the Hammer. Brian the Lion. Ken the Kettle. Peter the Pouch. Lucy the Liquid.

But these aren't mascots:
Eddie the Eagle. Henry the VIII. Conan the Barbarian. Gordon the Gopher.

As you can see, mascot creation is a mine field. How do you avoid infringing on copyright?
Well, the best way to create a mascot is to look at something, and then think of a name beginning with the same letter. And THEN think of another name, and combine the two names into a NEW name! In this way, you can be sure that no-one has thought of that mascot before. Here is an example: Malchael the Mug! It's a unique combination of Malcolm and Michael!

But what happens when you don't follow my literally excellent guide.
You panic and create the worst mascot, that's what you do when you don't follow my literally excellent guide.

The worst mascot is the mascot for custard. His name is Sid the Custard Kid.

He is utter rubbish.

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