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Most Impressive Subbuteo Goal

Do you remember Subbuteo?

In the days before computers, indoor football was either played with a baby's fabric ball in the living room, or it was played on the dining room table, with Subbuteo.

It consisted of you and a friend taking turns to flick little plastic men around the pitch, hoping they'd collide with the football, and that the collision would propel the ball into your opponent's net.
It was rubbish.

However, due to the miniature nature of the game, some amazing goals were able to be scored - none more amazing than this, the most impressive Subbuteo goal:

In the 21st minute of a match between West Ham United and Glasgow Rangers, an enormous dog-like creature walked across the pitch! It sniffed some of the players, and then got it's foot stuck in the netting of West Ham's goal, and then it bit the pitch.
Then a giant human shouted something, and the dog ran away, pulling the pitch from under the players and sending everything tumbling several stories to the ground below! The ball was later discovered inside one of the goals, under a chair.


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