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First Engine

A caveman invented fire - that much, we know. He invented it by hitting a rock with another rock - why, we also know - he hated rocks.

Oh caveman! If only you had directed your hate toward the desire to build an engine! Surely, we would all be living on the moon, and eating ice cream for breakfast by now!

But what is an engine? Well, listen to me, and you'll find out:
An engine is a big metal tube, which is constantly exploding, but instead of blowing up, uses the power of detonation to move a lever. It sounds crazy, but it's actually true! If it helps you to understand, an engine is like an eternal bomb, with a lever.

But what was the first engine?

Well, during one of those World Wars, Winston Churchill, Lord of England, decided that he needed to go somewhere to have a look at a book.
And so, the engine was invented!
It was powered by steam, and soon became known as...
The traction engine, the first engine!

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