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Smallest Unit of Currency

"Tell me all that you know about money!"

If someone says that to you, it's likely that either they're trying to steal your bank account details, or they are curious about money.
If they're trying to steal your bank account details, punch them in the face. But otherwise you can tell them this fascinating fact! And THEN punch them in the face. For they are curious about money, and must be punished.

The smallest unit of currency is the Quoight. It was used by the Romans, and in their native tongue of Latin, literally means 'small peice of dust'.
Of course, it wasn't actually a piece of dust - that would be silly - you could make money just by rubbing your skin. Leprosy would be a gift!

No, a quoight was actually a goat's tooth, and in today's money, was worth about 0.001 of a penny.

Of course, no Roman actually ever used quoights for anything, or even spoke or wrote about them. Quoights were very common, you see. The only practical thing they were used for was the chewing of grass - by goats.

The tradition continues to this very day, thanks to history!

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