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Biggest Bubble

I'm forever blowing bubbles. Pretty bubbles in the air.

Of course, I'm not. If I was forever blowing bubbles, I wouldn't have time to do anything else. I wouldn't be able to eat... sleep... or investigate WOWs! It would be a terrible disaster for all involved, namely me.

Those are, in actual fact, the words to the national Anthem of Finland. It's a song all about bubbles, and how great they are, and something about dreams.

Have you ever stopped in the middle of the street to ask yourself 'what is the biggest bubble'?
Well inconvenience pedestrians no longer, you idiot!

Is it the daytime in you locality? If so, look up! The biggest bubble is up in the sky right now. Have a good look!

It's the Sun. Look at it. Look right at the Sun.

For science has proven that the Sun is simply a big bubble of fire and nuclear explosions!
But don't think you can blow it, like the song suggests, for the Sun is more likely to blow you!


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