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Largest Robot Dance

Who here loves robots? Yes, everyone!
I never get tired of investigating robots.

Robots are soon to become fearsome killing machines, but they are also capable of much more - in fact, any verb you can imagine can now, thanks to the power of science, be performed by a robot.

Running, jumping, singing and now... dancing. All achieved robotically, for your pleasure.

And then they kill you.

Thanks to modern dance, almost any conscious movement can probably be classed as a dance. Even me typing this WOW is probably a dance. Your eyeballs reading it? Yes, that's a dance too!
We're all always dancing!

What this means is that robots - even the largest robot - can dance with the slightest movement.

And what this means is that the largest robot dance is a movement performed by that largest of robots - ED-209 from Robocop.
Which movement precisely?
Why, the movement with which he blows away that guy at the beginning of the motion picture Robocop! The movement of his machine guns!

The largest robot dance!

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