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Smallest Cinema

There used to be a very small cinema near me, before the days of the 'Multiplex'.
The seats were squashy and squeaky, the films were projected onto a brick wall, and you had to make up your own soundtrack, since the speakers had been kicked in by some skinheads.

How times have changed!

Nowadays, cinemas are massive, air conditioned, feature cup holders in every arm rest, and it costs you 10 for a ticket.

That, today, is the norm. OR IS IT?

Well yes. Yes, it is the norm.

However, let's look away from the norm, let's leave the norm far behind. Goodbye, norm!

Because small cinemas still exist. And thank god! Without small cinemas, we wouldn't have this WOW!

The smallest cinema is a small tent in Geeri, Somalia. They only have one movie: Some old movie that I didn't recognise. However, it only costs 280 shillings to get in!

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