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Biggest Bowl of Porridge

Mixing PVA glue and newspaper produces a sticky material known as Paper Mache. You then plaster it all over a balloon, pop the balloon, and hey presto! Something!

You can't do that with porridge.

Porridge is a mixture of milk and oats, all boiled up and poured into a bowl. It tastes like hot, milky oats - but that awful taste can be improved with nature's sweetener: alcohol.

A regular sized bowl of porridge is enough to fuel a Scotsman for a few hours, since that is what it was invented for. By my calculations, this means that the biggest bowl of porridge is enough to fuel all the tramps of Glasgow!
And those calculations are based on fact, because that's exactly what that porridge was used for!

In 1985, John Porridge cooked the world's biggest bowl of porridge to feed the homeless of Glasgow.
The saucepan he used to cook it in was the size of two regular saucepans, and he used almost three bags of oats!


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