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First Recorded Sound

Have you ever listened to something, and then wished that you could hear it again? You're in luck, and you've been in luck for fifty years!
Because fifty years is how long it's been since the technology to record and play back sound has existed!

First, someone invented a device that played back sound. But that was rubbish, because there was nothing to 'play back'.

A bit later, someone else invented a device to record sounds. But he didn't realise it, since there was no way to play those sounds back!

Finally, Thomas Edison arrived and stole the two devices. He combined them, and the record player was born!

But wait!

Let's rewind this WOW. For this is the WOW for first recorded sound: and we've gone right past it!

The first recorded sound was recorded by the guy who invented that device which could record sound, but couldn't play them. I visited the archives to find his name: It was William Prowse.

And the first sound? The sound of William Prowse going "Urgh".

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