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Longest Backward Moonwalk

Everyone knows the singer / songwriter Michael Jackson. When he was first born, he was a little kid in a band with his brothers. There were five of them - they were all Jacksons - naturally the band was named The Arctic Monkeys.

Then, things started to go wrong for Michael. He got in a fight with a dog, and then changed colour due to an accidental skin transplant, and then the police arrested him for kidnapping children. He was later found innocent of all charges, apart from fighting the dog.

However, possibly Jackson's most famous creation is the backwards dance, known to many as the 'moonwalk'.
It is obviously called the moonwalk since, on the moon, everything happens backwards, due to gravity.

What would happen if you did the moonwalk on the moon? Why, you'd end up walking forwards, that's what would happen (if you did the moonwalk on the moon)! And if you were in the habit of giving names to things, you would probably name it the 'Backward Moonwalk'.

Well indeed, that IS what it is already called by the millions of backward moonwalkers all over planet Earth.

So when did the longest backward moonwalk occur?

It occurred in 1998, when a nut named Christopher Richardson backward moonwalked all the way from London, England to Chester, England!

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