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Largest Motorcycle Pyramid

Imagine a bicycle powered by petrol, and able to reach great speeds. You've just invented the motorcycle!

If only you had imagined it thirty years ago - you would be a rich man! Instead, you just invented something that already exists. You are such an idiot!

Ever since their conception, motorcycles have been used mainly by thieves, since they can escape from police easily. Also, every motorcycle comes with a free crash helmet - a useful piece of clothing.

But apart from crime, there is one other activity a motorcycle can be used for: building a motorcycle pyramid!

I'm not exactly sure what a motorcycle pyramid is, but I can only imagine it's a pyramid made out of motorcycles.
Like the great sandstone pyramids of Egypt, but made out of Hondas.
Perhaps in the very middle, there is a Pharoh, made out of an exhaust. I just don't know.

Anyway, the largest motorcycle pyramid was made out of more than 14 motorcycles! It was made by accident, when a whole load of criminals all crashed their motorcycles into one another, in Germany.
Luckily for justice, they all died of internal bleeding.

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