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Fastest Game of Operation

"Operation! Operation! Operation! Operation! You're the doctor, it's so much fun to play! From Milton Bradley".

Despite its enthusiasm, the Operation theme tune can't sum up the excitement experienced while playing the game 'Operation'. It is literally quite exciting.

The game consists of a picture of a naked man, with holes cut in parts of his body. Beneath the man's skin, there is a layer of electrically conductive material, and the player's tweezers are made from metal. Hence, when tweezers and hole edge connect, a circuit is completed, and the man's nose (a light bulb) lights up. Also, there is the sound of him farting (a buzzer).

Why does the man have metal under his skin? Is the man some kind of android? Is he a robot? What caused the accident that requires such unorthodox surgery? Indeed, what good could possibly come from removing his heart, his ribs and the ulnar nerve?

These are all questions that have never been asked, and the world is probably better for it.

However, here's a question that HAS been asked: What is the fastest game of Operation?

The fastest game of Operation took place in 1965, when the game was first invented. Back then, it was quite different - there were no pieces to remove. In fact, it wasn't even a game.
It was just a photograph of a naked man.

That's just how things were in 1965.

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