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Largest Human Logo

Designing a logo is a tough job. I've tried it myself - the logo for this very website!
There it is, up there. It's bright green, like a frog, because frogs are amazing, and so is this website.

You see, I thought about a frog, and it being green - and so I made the logo green. This is known as copying.

And copying is what logo designers do all the time. Sometimes they might copy the shape of a natural object - like a leaf. Or perhaps they'll copy the movement of an animal - like a tree.

Yes, the old adage is certainly true: 'Copying makes the world of design go round'.

But even the best logo faces a hurdle - how do you display a logo so that the greatest number of people see it?

Recently, the answer has been - make it out of humans!

That's right - dress a whole load of humans in coloured outfits, organise them on a beach and then take a photo from high in the air - and you've made a human logo! Even better, every human in that logo will have seen it!

So what is the largest human logo?

It's that one on the beach, advertising a camera, or something.
There were at least 100 humans in that one.

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