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Longest Water Flume

Swimming pool designers must be pretty annoyed.
It wasn't so long ago when a swimming pool was just a big hole filled with water. You had a shallow end for the babies, a deep end for grown-ups, and a foot washing pit for everyone else.

Designing a swimming pool was easy.

But then, some guy invented the wave machine. And then, some other guy invented that thing that sprays water everywhere. And finally, the guy that invented the wave machine and the guy that invented that thing that sprays water everywhere teamed up... and created the water flume: a very wet slide, plus roof!

Suddenly, pool designers the world over had to revamp their prior creations! And thus, the job of swimming pool designer was fated ne'er to be easy.

Anyway, the longest water flume can be spotted in the film 'Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure'.
The film deals mostly with two kidnappers and their hapless victims. One such victim is Napoleon.
For some reason Napoleon ends up riding around on this water flume.

It must be the longest one.
It's in a film.

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