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Most Teeth

Teeth are made out of the same material as hair!

That's an amazing tooth related fact!

If you want to make your dentist laugh, simply walk into his office, brushing your teeth and announce loudly "I'm brushing my hair".
Everyone will laugh, and you will immediately become very popular.

Yes, there are many amazing facts about teeth, and probably many more waiting to be discovered - as this well known saying often repeated by scientists proves: 'We know more about deep space than we do about teeth'.

But let's forget the unknown. For the unknown is by definition, unknowable, and therefore also unrememberable.
Instead, let's concentrate on a known tooth fact: the identity of the human with the most teeth, for example:

That human is Chris Peacock. He's literally got a mouthful of teeth - more than 50, and he's in constant pain.

Congratulations, Chris!

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