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Most Simultaneous Games of Chess

Checkmate! I've won chess! Oh no!
Just three of the sayings you might hear, were you to listen in on a game of chess. Other things you might hear include sighing, breathing and the sound of silence.

Chess is a very solemn game, since it represents war, and war is very sad, and once I cried while thinking about war.

But where did chess come from? Who invented it?
Well, it came from Romania, and it was invented by King Henry the VIII, just like every other game in the world, OK?

A chess board is made up of many black and white squares, and many different pieces: pawn, rook, bishops, castles, and some others.
The aim of the game is to move them all around and then win.

It's such a confusing game, I get confused playing just one game.
So imagine how confused I would get playing twenty games of chess at the same time! I would probably go mad, and then kill someone.

Thank goodness, then, that I'm not Leifur Ragnarsson, of Iceland. Because he has played twenty simultaneous games of chess, and thus holds the WOW for most simultaneous games of chess - and yet, he hasn't killed anyone!

Well done!

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