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Longest Trading Card Game Marathon

In my local newsagents, there is often a box of sealed, foil wrapped card-shaped items sitting on the counter. Have a look for them the next time you're in a newsagents. You're sure to find them!

Have you ever wondered what could be inside those shining packets? Well, stop wondering, because I'll tell you: trading cards!

You might remember when you were five years old, and you collected stickers in a sticker album. Maybe it featured the Thundercats. Or maybe it had something to do with football. Or maybe it was something awful, like the Go-Bots.
The point is, you had to swap stickers with other collectors in order to complete your album, since certain stickers were so rare, you would stand no chance of finding them. One example is Snarf's arm.
I could never find Snarf's arm, so ended up having to draw it in manually. Needless to say, it ended up looking withered and rotten, and I threw the whole album away in disgust.

Well, that is exactly the same thing that probably happens with trading card games (the swapping, not the withered-arm-drawing), since they are exactly the same. Except instead of stickers there are cards, and instead of sticker albums, there are other card collectors who you have to 'stick' (fight) your 'stickers' (cards) 'into' (against), in the hope of 'completing' (winning) 'your' (more) 'album' (cards).

Whole events are set up to facilitate this madness - the longest of which is the five day extravaganza known as 'World Trade Event, The'.

And finally, we've reached it - the longest trading card game marathon, played out at the 2005 event, between two card battlers known only as 'Peter Fanch' and 'Jerry Pasten'! The battle lasted 12 hours, 15 minutes, and an amazing three cards changed hands!


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