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Steepest Slope

Many years ago, before you or I was born, someone invented angles.

I don't know who it was, but he was probably an ancient Greek. Yes, it was probably that one who drank the poison.

No matter his name, this guy must have looked at a slope and thought to himself
"Well, that slope looks steeper than the last slope I saw. If only I could measure the difference", and then he went off and invented angles.

There are 360 degrees in an angle. If the slope has 0 degrees, it is flat. And if it has 360 degrees... well, actually, that also mean it is flat. Because 360 and 0 are the same.

But if it has 90, it is a vertical wall! And 180 means it is a wall, but going up.

Hmm... angles are indeed baffling things.

The simple solution to discovering the steepest slope would be to measure the angle of every slope in the world, and then compare them.
But, of course, that wouldn't be simple at all. In some countries, they can barely use a fountain pen, let alone understand complicated mathematics like angles! Asking them to measure angles would be like asking a Martian to do an impression of Rolf Harris.

The only way, therefore, to compare slopes, is to look at photos of slopes on the internet.

I have spent many hours doing just this, an can now confirm that the steepest slope is the White Cliffs of Dover.

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