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Biggest Map

If you want to go somewhere, and you don't know how to get there, the object that you need is a map!
A map is a picture of a place, as if seen from the air by a bird. In fact, the very first map makers used birds to help improve accuracy - by attaching a string to a bird's tail, and a pencil to the end of the string, they could automatically generate a map!

Today, maps are made by computers, which are fired into the air and then take digital photographs of the area in question. This is known as GPS.

You can get maps in all kinds of sizes or scales. You can, for example, get a map of the entire world that will fit inside your shirt pocket. That is known as a scale of '1 shirt pocket:1 whole world'.

But the largest map doesn't have a scale, and probably wouldn't fit into your shirt pocket. In fact, there exists only one copy in the entire world, and you already own it.

What is it? Why, the largest map is, of course, the world itself!
Everyone owns the world, apart from space aliens.

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