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Rudest Teddy

The story of the creation of the teddy bear is a well known, and frankly rubbish story. But I'll tell you it anyway.

In 1945, the owner of America, Theodore Roosevelt was hunting in some woods.
He was hunting a turkey.
He heard a rustle in a bush, and immediately readied his machine gun. It was sure to be a turkey! What else could live in a bush?

So imagine his face when, rather than a turkey, a small bear cub emerged from the bush!
Here's how his face looked - it looked really wrinkled.

Anyway, Theodore liked the look of the bear so much, he shot it in the brains and took it home to give to his daughter. It was named 'Teddy the bear corpse'.

Teddy bears today are completely different. They're not corpses, for a start! That wouldn't be very hygienic.

They are instead felt shapes, stuffed with fluff. Some even have electrics inside, to make them move and... do a flip, or something.

You can even get 'ironic' teddy bears, in rude poses and clothing. They're awful.

But while rude, they're not the rudest teddy.

No, the rudest teddy is Teddy Ruxpin, when you put a tape full of swears into him.

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