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Fastest Time Getting into a Suitcase

If you've ever been on a holiday, you are likely to have taken some spare clothes with you - in case your own clothes get dirty, or ripped, or blown off.
You might have put these spare clothes into a plastic bag - perhaps you put them into a cardboard box - but most likely, you put them into a suitcase.

Indeed, it is spare clothes that are the intended contents of suitcases, and not human beings.
Only in a parallel universe, where the roles of humans and their clothing are reversed, would that be the case! And the less time spent considering that terrifying universe, the better!

However, in THIS universe, there nevertheless have been some human beings who have attempted to fit themselves into suitcases. And none are faster at getting into those suitcases than Penelope Foster, from New Zealand.

She can get into a Samsonite suitcase in less than a minute, but she requires assistance to get out again! The first time she discovered she had this amazing ability, she was stuck inside the suitcase for ten hours, and had to eat a pair of socks to stay alive.

But it was worth eating those socks - because she now holds the WOW for the fastest time getting into a suitcase!
Congratulations to the 'Sock Muncher', aka Penelope Foster!

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