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Stupidest Instrument

'If music be the food of love, play on!'.
So said William Shakespeare, and so say much of the population of the world.
What I mean is, lots of people enjoy music.

Ever since music was invented, humanity has spawned hundreds of stupid instruments, each able to produce a uniquely awful sound through equally unique methods.

There is the kazoo, a plastic thing that you hum into, and which produces a humming noise!
There's the bagpipes, a bag that you blow and squeeze!
And there's that electric device that you move your hands above, and which squeals at you.

But none of those stupid instruments are stupider than the stupidest instrument. Which is quite obvious, really, since if they were, the stupidest instrument wouldn't be the stupidest instrument at all.

The stupidest instrument is the recorder.

The recorder is a pipe, with holes drilled into it, and a whistle sellotaped to the end.
Any song played through a recorder is instantly rendered unrecognisable, and playing it makes you look like a disabled, because the whistle keeps falling off!


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